Live Electronics Controls Website

This website link-page controls external electronic circuits I engineered myself. 

The server is an apache2 server, running on a Rasberry Pi inside my internal network.

Feel free to pen-test my network,  or website and if you find exploit’s email :

Cody with anything you find, but please explain (teach me) how you did it. As I love knowing how things work. I enjoy intellects sharing their skills,  and I condone ethical education (Hacking included).

To see the LED turn on and OFF I have configured an internal IP web camera in my house pointed at a single LED on a bread board. Realize that the LED you are turning on and off, I could in minutes wire into 120v 10amp high current household appliances. To turn them on and off.  

My house temperature:

Click HERE to see my internal server webpage

Turn Auxiliary 1 On or OFF

Turn Auxiliary 2 On or OFF

Turn Heat Exhaust Fans On or OFF

Turn Water Pumps On or OFF

To see the control visually turn on and off the LED click the link “View Video” below. Which is an internal IP web-cam I configured.

Then once you have video press the “Auxiliary 1   ON  and OFF”  button above.