FlowStone Robotics Programming



I am also teaching my son this studio for intro basics http://www.RaidenScience.com   he’s only 8yrs old

START DATE:  9/8/2015


  • 9/8/2015  @8:25am – I start this morning Watching FlowStone videos and learning the basics. I encountered issues since I don’t have an Xbox 360 \ One controller; instead I have a dual shock 4 Playstation 4 controller. Which is not directly supported by Windows10 and I am using windows 10.  I spent a few hours of the morning learning work around I will soon share as for my first small project with FlowStone I am working on building a program using SCP modified from another programmers work to make my DS4 controller work in FlowStone. Check back !

OK  today I have accomplished my  Dual Shock 4 program for the exception of a minor issue that’s bugging me.

Here is the project file thus far!

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I have everything working .. just check my Download’s page and follow the video instructions.  http://oebelsoft.com/downloads/


However I wan to develop the HID bluetooth SCP software myself so I can take full credit for it, and I hope it saves people form having to buy controllers. They can just use their PS4 controller.



************************* FlowSPY *********************************

Using FlowStone DSPRobotics software I’m going to take on a

parabolic spy dish project where I will engineer the dish, and sound software to go with it. I’ll be building a website to go with the product.

Before I purchase serious hardware to begin a solid replicable hardware build to sell on a website I’m going to build. I must first

proto-type the software as the dish, design, and configuration is straight forward once you know your f\Q spot which is a calculation, or use a laser pointer and a mirror to get the focal point. Fine tuning by hand and software later. For obvious reasons the audio software may not be that complex or complicated. The system needs to be easy to use. Cheaply built, and competitive against other present systems. I have priced my build at about 100$ USD total for hardware. Once the software is finished I’ll custom build the units for 350$ each.

Allstuff1 Allstuff2 Mic Mic2 Receipt


Production parts for FullProductionPrototype .. will be parts shown below, built into a solid, yet modular system for professional video and photographers recording distant sounds, at a very affordable price!