Arts & Crafts

I enjoy making a number of things. From painting shoes.. to creating costumes onto fabricating complex technical things. Some of the joys I don’t typically share are odds\ends crafts I do. So I built this page to display those other hobbies in the “Artistic” world of things I find myself making or doing.


A pair of shoes painted in love of “Star Wars” and the online game “League of Legends”. I actually am considering adding a buy button, and selling shoes with league character on it or something 😉

Shoes costs 150-300$ depending on what your wanting on them.

Want something similar?  Call me 719-644-8054\Text or email .



Here is a were-wolf costume I made a few years back. The head was sold online for 600$. I lost the whole body suite and paw\claws during a state-to-state move. Boy I was mad to lose it!