Keywords:  How to get your playstation 4 controller to work on windows 10 

DualShock 4 controller on Windows 10

Download FlowDS4

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Watch this video on how to set it up quickly:

Update: 10/10/2014:  I have removed some download’s which I am currently not actively working on.  I have added the “Lag Switch” program I developed for Call of Duty.



Click here to download:

AdTAKwords – Auto Adwords clicker

Contact me to buy this software. I reply quickly.  8-28-2014. This is very dark software and puts small businesses online out of commission. Use it with morals and eye for an eye standards.
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Google and Bing ads drainer  – ad clicker – adbomber – adwords bomber – adwords drainer – adwords clicker

•This software drains competitors adwords campaigns. (Remember short term they take a hit, long term they get cheaper CPC costs than you do, but generally this will shutdown advertisements for most small-medium businesses. Sharp and intuitive people will report the click spikes and get their budget refunded, but thus far it doesn’t seem to be a common practice google giving refunds 😉 hit them where it hurts, and keep your ads going making you income!

•Adbomber – To define this software bombs the budget to bing\google advertisements.

The program allows manual input of adwords URLS to targeted ad’s and will change your computers IP address by connections to hundreds of vpn servers clicking their add twice to fully charge their CTR. It then disconnects, and connects to a new server somewhere in the world. It also changes browsers, cleans specific cache\cookies as well as it utilizes thousands of proxie servers clicking an add, and changing proxy if vpn tunneling doesn’t work because googles adwords monitor detects IP ad-bombing. The software thus far works great. So good in fact I must warn you that you are legally responsible for anything that comes back on you for attacking someone’s advertisements. So far though .. google hasn’t even tried to track someone using this software due to the vpn nature it covers your tracks. This has been tested and working 100%.

I do not have a buy now link because some customers have particular needs that requires me to program on the fly changes and features. In time I’ll have it mastered and compiled for various OS’s. Currently windows OS only! XP and above.


In the subject put : “AdTAKWords”

Describe who your in competition with and some of the cpc costs your paying and I can use SEO tools and k knowledge to further assist you in building your exact attack software. For the most part I have to make no changes, but some people have “extras” they want or suggest. The current base software is simple, effective on Bing, and Google, and get’s the job done. Defense to this program if your being attacked but yet need to keep your ads up. .. manually reduce your cpc budget per word for cents on the dollar or fractions of such. Otherwise GOD forbid your paying a 1$ or more per word … your going to get slammed with a huge bill.

NO REFUNDS ! Once you get the software I’m not refunding any money. The software works. If you would rather find it else where then please do, because my program works so well I’m not giving screen shots, or any further technical details so it’s not replicated.

NOTE: Each program executable may alarm your firewall for a connection. This is normal.

The program authenticates itself and you as the owner each use. This prevents people from giving or torrenting my software who didn’t buy it.

You tell me what you want, and what your willing to pay, and I will negotiate you a most excellent price and deal for what your getting. No other software like this is on the net and it’s a black seo\neg seo tool with one intention only… do it to them before they do it to you and you cant afford to buy my program lol.