Manegards DRANSIK Hacks

This is a private site for customer DC hacks I made in the past and might work on some more 🙂




How to use it –  I will create a video on this later.



+ Built in auto-light hack for Dransik


Features FAQ’s:

HUNT MODE:  This will auto cure you with either greater healing potions, or minors whichever it finds in your back pack. I can customize it for mages to instead use mass heal scrolls just email me for a custom mage release. So basically while in hunt mode (The program defaults to pk mode) .. in hunt mode you dont need to self heal ..  you basically point, click attack mobs, and it auto cures you of both disease and poison as long as you have the correct curing pots in your back pack. Keep the backpack in its default location as the program reads the screen in that zone for items.  The reason Hunt mode is not good during fighting or PK’ing is the program will heal you when it detects your low on health. So if you need to escape it will slow you down staggering you as you escape with auto healing and curing of disease and poisons.  In PK mode it will not do this.

  1.  There is two main features PK mode and HUNT mode the program defaults into PK mode.
  2.  To activate Hunt Mode, place the green non combat red Dransik arrow at top right of DC screen. Just above Kills \ Deaths ratio.
  3. Potion Buyer:  Go to a potion shop, talk to the shop keeper where your at the menu to buy the potions. Now hit the #4 key on the top left of your keyboards number keys from 0-9.
  4. Mass heal scroll purchase. Hit #5 key on the top left key numbers on your key board. Same as potion buyer from #3 above. Except it buys mass heal scrolls instead.
  5. Hit the positive, or + in numpad 10key pad right side of the keyboard to terminate program.
  6. // 3 KEY  hotkey for buying potions at shop fast ( doesn’t buy so much in case  you got gear down and need to be in and out)
  7.  Up arrow key activates GOLD-GRABBER (I had this working flawlessly before, but that code has been since lost I dont care to use my free time re-coding it either.
  8.  Shift+Space will quickly cure you of poison or disease.

*For custom mage application to auto mass heal email me