Update Note:  I am no longer selling, accepting payment’s for, or actively developing any darkware*Trojan’s, malware, or keyloggers.


Below is Remote Access Trojan programming I wrote. This program would essentially allow me to infect, and control your computer.

This software made use of TCP/IP socket programming. The server would “Connect” back to your computer while the “Client” application was listening on a port waiting for the connection to hand off. Once connected, the program allowed the user to send commands to the victims computer. This worked great as a payload program to initiate an FTP for much more effective infections. I stopped this project once my alias at the time “CodeError” aka CodeE (Cody) became present on www.govermentsecurity.org    if you google “Cody Oebel Virus” my software will appear on the government security page. I was informed by a more senior software engineer that if my program were to infect a hostpital computer. I would be liable, or jailed even if I did not directly infect the machine. I stopped developing this software. I learned allot though from this. This program is by far not a deep infecting application on the windows OS, and it is not cross-platform, but it was undetectable by 11 most known Anti-Virus programs. I later submitted my Trojan\virus to various anti-virus companies paranoid of legal consequences. Please use my below code examples for learning purposes only!


——————————_ CODE SNIPPETS ——————–

Using stringstreams for fast  string to int  conversion

#include <sstream>

string s=“12345”;

int x=0;

stringstream convert(s);//object from the class stringstream

convert>>x; //the object has the value 12345 and stream it to the integer x

//now the variable x holds the value 12345