Download crunch for windows:

Notes: I completely converted the source code of this Linux only tool to windows in C++ since no one else offered this in Windows. This allows OCLHashCat64 to parse CRUNCH via command line and generate ram to ram passwords generated by the billions in seconds and quickly parsed against a wifi hash file. I tested this and it works amazingly well and it’s insanely fast too !  Today I went through the Linux  based Crunch source code, trying to quickly port it to windows for use of OCLHashCat64  to GPU crack wifi passwords. Since most windows graphics cards can parse millions of passwords in such a short time. I couldn’t find a crunch release on windows. Maybe later I’ll try to replace code using windows 32/64 functions to replace sys \ wait.h  functions and process thread monitoring functions.  PLEASE EMAIL ME IF ANY PROBLEM OCCUR USING THIS PORTED CRUNCH IN WINDOWS CODYOEBEL@gmail.com

** WINDOWS CRUNCH … yes .. to avoid lengthy dictionary .txt file hash cracking attempts on linux. Crunch was made for Linux but not for windows, but OclHashCat64 originally only worked with Nvidia CUDA CORES on windows , so as a C++ programmer I ported linux crunch using standard template library making it work on windows OS. So now you can zip through billions of passwords parsing password ranges in memory instead of slow .txt file reading off a hard drive. The result is billions of password cracking attempts in a few seconds it’s amazing. Especially with a 4090GTX graphics card cracking has never been so easy.  Below is the tool but I also provide my source code.

Click here to Download Crunch

Click here  to Download the Windows Crunch source code. 

Download  WPE Pro  (Windows Packet Injector Pro)

I got tired of searching for this download and I’m sure you are too so I made it easy to download.  WPE Pro is listed on every antivirus as a virus, but if your a programmer, and not an idiot, you understand most hacking utilities are flagged because of their base code and how antivirus heuristics engines do detections. I personally use this application on my own computer and I disable my antivirus and add it as an excluded file. It goes with hacking…

Enjoyr !

[gview file=”http://n3m.07f.mywebsitetransfer.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/WPEpro.zip”]

WIFI JAMMER  –  ***Linux OS**  .. I prefer Kali Linux since it’s made for attacking\cracking\hacking   😉

(Could be edited to possibly Jam DRONES since they use 2.4Ghz signals most of the time)

Here is a script I didn’t develop myself, but am posting it for ease of access. Run this in linux !

click here ->  WifiJammer